MV Afrika Consultancy (MVA), Consultancy  and Advisory Services on Water and Sanitation solutions.

And (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility




We would start by illustrating the growing needs by company or group of individuals wanting to give back from a country or countries that have given them so much. These days, these are done by project contributions which could be providing water, public sanitary facilities, schools, libraries, civic centres etc.
By advisory and consulting services, MV Afrika Consultancy (MVA) having good knowledge of the people can advise companies on which projects best serves the needs of people, the best locations and how to execute and deliver the projects.
MVA on project management can supervise the construction of the any projects financed by any company.
And on turn-key services, MVA can take up a complete assignment to construct and deliver.

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By providing total solutions for Water and Sanitation in rural areas in Kenya as well as in Africa we intend to be the best in connecting and offering most effective and accurate  solutions. If you educate and inform local people about Water and Sanitation you can establish sustainable projects for the long term in order to slowly change the mindset of the communities.