We know how hard it is sometimes when it comes to doing business in foreign countries. We went through the same circle and experienced the challenges at hand; hence we fully understand the phrase experience is the best teacher.

After years of working in The Netherlands and interacting with both business and individuals, we understand what it takes to do business here especially for African business people. We have worked in Africa and understand the culture hence the need to create a platform where both countries can reach and get information at hand.

MV Afrika Consultancy believes that there is a potential market for entrepreneurs in Kenya and Africa as well as in The Netherlands and in Europe. Exchanging information, accompany people with every question they have, whether it is for leisure or for business. MV Afrika Consultancy is here to aid and bridge that gap for entrepreneurs whom are looking for information or services in doing business.

MV Afrika Consultancy believes in networking on all levels with our focal point currently being in Kenya. Throughout the years we have built up a large diverse network and a good reputation. Like people say, when MV Afrika Consultancy will do it you can be assured it certainly will be done.

MV Afrika Consultancy works with different partners in reaching out different target groups, individuals and organizations whom are in need of information or services at all levels.