Customers ask us to translate their website from English to Swahili or Swahili to English.

Since Arpril 2020 we can deliver this service on a professional basis.


Next to that we can translate all kind of content or text such as; running text, scrolling text and more. 

See the tariff page for the tariff.


Our main objective as a consulting company is to facilitate services for our clients between the two countries always on time; we take the hustle and problems away from you our esteem clients, allowing you to concentrate in your core business. We expedite your paperwork, inquires or even accommodations.

We constantly exceed customer expectations by providing superior services to our clients through information dissemination.
We make this possible by recognizing that no two customers are alike, therefore forming a symbiotic relationship and fulfilling individual needs. This unique perspective coupled by personal experience designed to support the businesses, individuals and organizations between Kenya/Africa and The Netherlands.


We approach every need of our customers with utmost flexibility ensuring they get the best in services delivery because we concentrate not on the processes but the end result and the satisfaction of any client we serve.

If you have a busy job in the Netherlands at an embassy or organization, you do not have the time to make yourself familiarized with the Dutch culture. Which sites are worth visiting? Where do I shop? When are the holidays? And so on. Of course you can google on the internet, but usually you do not speak Dutch and you cannot read Dutch. MV Afrika Consultancy provides you with assistance and introduces you to the Netherlands.


We strive to offer the most efficient and effective information on businesses and services  both in The Netherlands and in Kenya, be it transportation, shipping of products , paperwork, getting information on market or having travelling documents, we are always a single mail away at your service. We accomplish timely dissemination of information request by clients and deliver as agreed upon.

We would also like to be the market leader and trendsetter in The Netherlands and Kenya for those willing to do business, get information or come for holidays.


To fulfill the customer’s satisfaction, we work closely with both governments, businesses and institutions mandated in facilitating easy flow of information between the two countries. 


MV Afrika Consultancy is also your partner in any touristical question whatsoever during your stay in The Netherlands or visiting the Netherlands. With her touristical background MV Afrika Consultancy can guide you in this way.


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