We believe in giving back to the society and uplifting the lifes of those we interact and work with. We priotise the need of basic human requirements, water being the most fundermental basic necessity. In conjunction with Stichting Pamoja Kenia and its partners, MV Afrika Consultancy (MVA) facilitates  fundraising  among the Dutch and friends of Kenya in The Netherlands in raising money to build water wells and toilets.

So far, we have been able to build 4 wells and 4 sanitary facilities in Matsangoni, Kilifi Coastal area in Kenya, the project is primarily managed  by the locals to create sense of ownership.

By facilitating the construction of these amenities, the parties involved have been helped to have a decent living and accessible to clean water, hence reduction in report of waterborne diseases.
We still have a long way to go, as the statistics from the Kenyan Government shows that quite a number of people are still in need of clean water and its the responsiblity of everyone to help in as little as they can.


That is why your little contribution through our project in collaboration with Pamoja Kenia (together Kenya) can help save that precious life of the locals.   


We believe that everybody in the world needs acces to WATER, a hygienic toilet and a clean shower. No water no life!