We work closely with clearing and forwading companies, where we advice you on the most effective and secure way of transportation either through shipping or freight from and to the two destinations of entry points. We also have a network all over the countries which help us delivering or having central destinations of picking point thought out the country. Paperwork we know how it is tiresome and cumbersome sometimes to get travelling documents especially with language barrier being the biggest obstacle. We help and advice our clients on visa application and procedures when applying for any. With our trusted network build all over between the two governments we have the best approach and trusted proffesionals whom can help and proofread informations that might hinder your visa application. We help in translation both from Dutch to English/Swahili and vice versa. We handle and give individual advice to our clients based case by case on their needs. We tailored made our services to  fit any of your request and make it an one stop inquiry point.