• Basic info about restaurants, tailor, events and so on € 30,-
  • Connecting companies/people via email or via phone € 30,-
  • Research for a community project, tariff to be made via offer
  • Arranging events, tariff to be made via offer
  • Translation English-Swahili / Swahili-English € 40,-

Other tariffs on request


All tariffs are per hour without 21% VAT from 01-01-2019


How does it work


When the payment / down payment is received (after the invoice is send), MVA starts the job


Account number : NL23 KNAB 0258 8255 61 MV Afrika Consultancy


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Tariff specification for a waterwell


Depending on the area and if there is electricity :


Water well (with bricks) sometimes the soil is to soft so it has to be constructed with cement and bricks otherwise the well can collapse.

Top cover made of cement with a metal cover.

Water pump (electric) if there is no electricity we can place a generator.

Watertower (small house) on top comes the watertank of 1000 liters.

Watertank (1000 liters).

Watertap outside the watertower/powerhouse.

Watertower/powerhouse is multi usable for charging phones e.g.

Total €7.000,-

(This is exclusive a generator if needed).


Water guarantee for the next 10 years and much more.